Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's begun...

Evan's saying "tha tha"...very close to "da da". Even after I brainwashed that kid night and day with "ma ma", I can't believe he's going to say dada first!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You're a terrible parent if....

You put your child in an exersaucer
You put your child in a walker
You don't feed your child 100% organic
You don't have your child on a strict minute-by-minute schedule
You let your child watch TV

These are just a few of the things that I've read in books recently. Seriously, reading parenting/baby books will almost drive you insane. I was trying so hard to read everything I could get my hands on in the beginning and follow all the "rules". But some of this stuff is insane. I quickly learned to just use common sense. But why do all these books make you feel like a bad parent if you don't do x, y, and z?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's the haps, yo

Steve's been killin it at work again lately. He's putting in some major hours, one overnight trip, pickin up the slack from a partner that got the boot this week (yikes!), lots of tight deadlines and working on wills for everyone in our Sunday School class! I thought that was extremely generous of him to volunteer to do everyone's wills. I was like, "Are you sure you want to volunteer to do that for everybody?" Then he convicted me with his answer when he said that he wanted to help people that we go to church with with something that's so crucial for their families. Gulp. He totally had the right attitude...I just wondered where he was gonna get the time, but fortunately he didn't let that stand in his way.

Evan is a little ham. Today he stole the hearts of several friends of mine. Melissa gave him lots of kisses and squeezes, as did Amber who also bought him some embroidered burp clothes that I LOOOVE AND a walker! He likes when I use the walker like a bumper car and crash it into the couch. He thinks that is SO funny. It was worth how much she paid for it just for the laugh that he bursts out with.

He absolutely loves to be upside down. It's also cool to me that he's such a BOY at 7 months old. He loves balls, motion toys, light up toys and loud things. And how does he know to knock the blocks over when he's never even seen them before? It's so funny how when I stack things, he automatically knocks them down before I can finish stacking. I's just funny to me that no one had to "teach" him to do this.

It's my favorite time of consignment sale time! I absolutely LIVE for these sales because I'm such a cheapo. I pride myself on getting the most bang for my buck. Especially now that I'm not working any more and we're excited about saving for a new house. Anyways, I got TONS of stuff for dirt cheap. I decided to volunteer at this one so I could get the great deals and it really paid off. I especially love the Leap Frog activity table that probably cost $50 new and I snagged for $15. It's crazy how excited I get! I honestly would not even recognize myself if you showed me this life a few years ago. It terrifies me that I may possibly drive a minivan in the future. NAH! I'll always be too fab for that! hehe

That's about it for now. Nothing terribly exciting but I just felt like blogging. :)

Being a Disciple

This week I read about being a disciple of Christ. I was reading about Jesus' disciples and the things He commanded, yet gave the authority to do. First and foremost, to teach about Jesus, but also to heal, to lead, to encourage, etc. All Christians today are supposed to be disciples, but in a way I never thought about it before, it hit home. I realize I need to put forth more of an effort to witness and tell people about God's love.

Ironically, Tara called today and was telling me how she got an incredible opportunity to witness to someone while she was registering for school. Her stories always inspire me. She has an incredible charm with people and a notable gift to witness to people. She's very well received by almost everyone. I feel less comfortable approaching people about such a sensitive topic. But you know what? I need to get over myself and do what God commanded me to do, no matter how uncomfortable it is for me. There are so many hurting people out there, just like the person she witnessed to today, that need to hear about the love of God. Her story was just the icing on the cake...the final motivation needed to get me going. I told her I'm gonna pray that God would put someone in my path to witness to and I'm going to tell her when it happens! So now I'm accountable to all of you too. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ahh...the life

We didn't even pose him like this...this is real! LOL!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome to the family!

Joshua Brandon Hampton was born this morning! 7 lbs, 4 oz.

Andrea went in for an induction at 7 am. I arrived at Centennial a little before 11, went up to her room and the door was shut. I leaned in to listen and the nurses were giving her "pushing" instructions. We had no idea she was THAT close to having him! So I grab my cell phone, dial mom and say, "Mom, I think she's about to start pushing." Just then I hear a baby was Josh! I go ballistic on the phone...I couldn't believe she had him THAT fast. I'm so mad at her...I was in labor for hours then pushed for 2 freakin HOURS, had forceps and the full shabang, plus was sick for about 10 hours afterwards. And here Andrea makes it look like a piece of cake...twice! She only pushed 4 times with Briana. I told her she's going to be my surrogate for my next baby b/c she does it so well. :)

Little Josh is so precious. I can't wait to go back and see him. I only got to hold him briefly because Evster was getting fussy.

Anyways, welcome to the family Joshua! Evan can't wait to pick on, er, I mean, play with you! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Fellas!

Ev and I had a GREAT time at Zane, Jackson and Noah's first birthday party yesterday. These are three little boys in my Mama's group. There must have been 15 babies/toddlers and their moms there. I'm not sure who had more or Evan. We've been at home a lot the last few weeks so Evan was like a bird out of a cage. He was singing and talking and cooing at everyone. Katie called him the "talk show host". LOL He LOOOOVED the other babies and playing with all the "new" toys. He and McKenna rolled the ball back and forth and I learned that he's a HUGE fan of the little Gerber stars. On top of all that, it's always fun for me to chat with the other mommies. Days like this are my favorite.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Go Team USA!

The Olympics are just phenominal. I haven't been great about watching them in the past, but I'm really enjoying this year. The USA is doing SO great in lots of categories. And for some crazy reason, it makes me emotional so I start tearing up on every event! Guess it's a mix of patriotism and "feeling" the extreme pressure they feel while they're performing. Go USA!

7 Months

Little Evster is 7 months already. I can't believe it. Lately he's fascinated with being upside down and with toys that light up. He LOVES rolling the ball back and forth to me. I think that's pretty cool he can do that already! He's got the sitting thing down and can move around on his tummy in a circle. He doesn't care to crawl or roll over, but that's probably because I haven't given him much time on his tummy, as Ms. Doris at the doctor's office pointed out today. Actually she took a more full frontal approach when she pointed out that he has a flat head. lol As if I didn't know. :) She said it's the "back to sleep" generation of babies. They make us so paranoid to put our babies on their tummies that they all have flat heads. The paranoia is true. So I've been instructed to put him on his belly 4 times a day for 5 minutes and work up from that. I've known that was necessary, but he whines and then moves to crying when I leave him on his tummy too long, so I've been avoiding it. So Evan when I put you on your tummy lots this week, be mad at Ms. Doris! :)

I'm going to move him from soy milk to lactose free milk this week. Ugh, I dread it. I think he'll be fine but thoughts of the first two months come flooding back and I don't want to go through that again. But he eats lots of baby food so I think his digestive track is pretty stable now.

He's fighting a wicked cough right now, but other than that, he's great. We went to the Y today and all the girls in the nursery were doating over him. Every time I pick him up, they're always saying something amazing about him. They call him their favorite, they love the way his hair sticks up, his eyes are so pretty, he's so good and happy, etc. The nursery at church is similar. It's so nice to get great reports about your baby. Makes a momma feel proud. :) Even though none of that is my doing, I'm glad they love him.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pregnant friend in need

I have a friend that is 7 months pregnant with a baby girl. She doesn't have anything for the baby and she doesn't make much money. It's a sad situation and she could use any help at all. If any of you have any baby items that you don't want or wouldn't mind passing along, please let me know and I'll get them to her. She would greatly appreciate them!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Today was the kind of weekend day that I wish we could have every weekend. We joined our friends at their community pool, met some peeps we really didn't know that well in our group, grilled out, chatted, talked babies and mommy and girl stuff, and just chilled. Then we darted off to my sis-n-law's surprise 40th birthday party with fam and friends. She was very surprised. It was great to see lots of Steve's fam that we haven't seen in a while too.

We're such social bugs that there really isn't anything we like doing more than hanging out with people we love. Our care group is so awesome. We really click with everyone in there and have lots in common. And Steve's family is always fun...always a little chaotic with all the adults and kids, but always exciting!

Definitely had a great day, although poor little Ev is fighting a little cough. He's such a trooper though...he doesn't even act like he feels bad. He's still chuggin along, cheesin at everyone. He's such a good little thing...we drug his butt everywhere today and he just rolls with the punches, enjoying all the new faces. Our second kid sure has a lot to live up to. ;)

First Kiss

The SWEETEST thing happened yesterday. Evan gave me a "kiss" for the first time. It was so precious! He gets so excited when I pick him up (the boy loves to be held). So I picked him up and he put his little hands on my face and gave me a big, slobbery, open mouthed kiss right on the face! He did it a couple times in a row. It was so sweet! He is such a lovable little thing. I'm gonna have to watch this one when he gets older. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New tub and toys

We had to get a little creative with this one, since he can't stand yet. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Growing Pains

The last two weeks can best be summed up by "growing pains". In almost every aspect of my life, there have been challenges. Even though I don't fully appreciate them in the moment, I do afterwards. It pleases me to know that I've worked through something and am stronger because of it. But it is stressful nonetheless. I think I'm on the other side of most of them and am ready for some normalcy again.

Steve's been killin it at work for two weeks too, which definitely contributed to the craziness. I'm really proud of him...he's been getting up before Evan (which says a lot!), coming home late every night, and working both days on the weekends. I always dispised working after hours and felt totally mistreated when I had to do it (yeah my attitude was wrong and I knew it, but I still felt that way). I'm sure glad Steve isn't like that. I hate that he has to work like that, but we're really grateful for the work. Come on October bonus!! :)

Evan's approaching 7 months and he's doing great. I'm positive he's teething, but no teefies yet. He loves baby food, he's starting to "get" the whole sippy cup thing and he hasn't been waking up wanting his pacifier lately, thank God! He seems bored with all his toys (even the ones at Nana's house) and wants to constantly be entertained. Not sure what's up with that, but it's annoying. Fortunately Mom gave me a break Saturday night and most of Sunday, which couldn't have come at a better time after the past two weeks. And Aunt She-She is keeping him tonight so I get to sleep in tomorrow. WOOHOO!!! I think that's the hardest part about having a little must press through your fatigue and press on. Ahh the things I appreciate now that I thought nothing of before!