Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's the haps, yo

Steve's been killin it at work again lately. He's putting in some major hours, one overnight trip, pickin up the slack from a partner that got the boot this week (yikes!), lots of tight deadlines and working on wills for everyone in our Sunday School class! I thought that was extremely generous of him to volunteer to do everyone's wills. I was like, "Are you sure you want to volunteer to do that for everybody?" Then he convicted me with his answer when he said that he wanted to help people that we go to church with with something that's so crucial for their families. Gulp. He totally had the right attitude...I just wondered where he was gonna get the time, but fortunately he didn't let that stand in his way.

Evan is a little ham. Today he stole the hearts of several friends of mine. Melissa gave him lots of kisses and squeezes, as did Amber who also bought him some embroidered burp clothes that I LOOOVE AND a walker! He likes when I use the walker like a bumper car and crash it into the couch. He thinks that is SO funny. It was worth how much she paid for it just for the laugh that he bursts out with.

He absolutely loves to be upside down. It's also cool to me that he's such a BOY at 7 months old. He loves balls, motion toys, light up toys and loud things. And how does he know to knock the blocks over when he's never even seen them before? It's so funny how when I stack things, he automatically knocks them down before I can finish stacking. I's just funny to me that no one had to "teach" him to do this.

It's my favorite time of consignment sale time! I absolutely LIVE for these sales because I'm such a cheapo. I pride myself on getting the most bang for my buck. Especially now that I'm not working any more and we're excited about saving for a new house. Anyways, I got TONS of stuff for dirt cheap. I decided to volunteer at this one so I could get the great deals and it really paid off. I especially love the Leap Frog activity table that probably cost $50 new and I snagged for $15. It's crazy how excited I get! I honestly would not even recognize myself if you showed me this life a few years ago. It terrifies me that I may possibly drive a minivan in the future. NAH! I'll always be too fab for that! hehe

That's about it for now. Nothing terribly exciting but I just felt like blogging. :)