Friday, January 15, 2010

Footloose and Paci Free...2 years old

Well I'm breaking bad blogging records lately and only blogging once a quarter these days. Sheesh. It's the baby's fault. ;)

So my little paci lover has unknowingly given up his first love. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought. I dreaded taking his paci away worse than potty training. One night I just decided to not give it to him and surprisingly, he went to sleep fine. So the next day I just kept it out of sight and when he asked for it, I just told him I didn't have it. I took one step at a time and it worked way better than I imagined. He basically went cold turkey. He got really sick with hand, foot and mouth during the process so I gave it to him a few times just to nap and comfort him. Fortunately, it didn't set him back any. He's been without it for 3 weeks now. I'm so proud of him. I know how much he loved that thing.

Today he had his 2 year appt with Dr. Davidson. He's very healthy and on track in everything the doc asked me about. He's 36.5 inches tall and weighs 31.5 lbs. Dr. D says his birth mark on his nose still has plenty of time to go's something I've kept an eye on since his birth. I was hoping it'd go away completely by now, but it's not really that noticeable.

Backing up to Christmas, it was a splendid time this year. My very favorite word that Evan has learned to say is "Santa". I almost like it better than "Mommy"! It is so freakin cute the way he says it! It's kind of with a little's adorable. Now he says, "Mickey Santa" all the time, indicating he'd like to watch "Mickey's Once/Twice Upon a Christmas" movie on the DVR. He's watched it at least 20 times now...I can't believe he still loves it. I ordered the DVD's today. Anyways, his big present from us was more Geotrax for his train set. It sprawled across the living room floor...way too big for the train table now. He still plays with it non-stop.

He's recently started dancing. Don't know exactly where he learned how, but it's hilarious. And his favorite things to say are, "I did it!" when he did something he's proud of. Also, "I fast! I fast!" as he runs circles around the staircase. Oh and let's not forget, "Peed, I am peed!" for Lightning McQueen. lol

He had the best 2 year old birthday party ever. Gymboree, 18 friends and their parents, HUGE Mickey airwalker balloons, homemade Mickey Mouse cupcakes, a few tantrums, but it was awesome (I think Evan had fun too...hehe). I kinda went Mommy psycho on this party...we could have taken a vacay to Rome instead, but it was worth it.

Now maybe I can focus on the new little boy that's gonna be in my life soon. Only 3 months to go and we still have to pick out a name for him!