Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Today was the kind of weekend day that I wish we could have every weekend. We joined our friends at their community pool, met some peeps we really didn't know that well in our group, grilled out, chatted, talked babies and mommy and girl stuff, and just chilled. Then we darted off to my sis-n-law's surprise 40th birthday party with fam and friends. She was very surprised. It was great to see lots of Steve's fam that we haven't seen in a while too.

We're such social bugs that there really isn't anything we like doing more than hanging out with people we love. Our care group is so awesome. We really click with everyone in there and have lots in common. And Steve's family is always fun...always a little chaotic with all the adults and kids, but always exciting!

Definitely had a great day, although poor little Ev is fighting a little cough. He's such a trooper though...he doesn't even act like he feels bad. He's still chuggin along, cheesin at everyone. He's such a good little thing...we drug his butt everywhere today and he just rolls with the punches, enjoying all the new faces. Our second kid sure has a lot to live up to. ;)