Tuesday, February 17, 2009

12-13 Months

Ugh, I've become such a lazy blogger. I don't have time for this any more since watching the twins. BUT today was my last day so hopefully I'll have more time now. Nah, I'll probably just be running all over the place again like before I started watching them!

Evster is 13 months old and I can't believe it. He's TOTALLY a toddler now...no baby in sight. Dude started walking with his push toy, waving bye bye, eating with a spoon (or learning to), got his "big boy" haircut, is very quick to show us when he's displeased with something, wants to laugh and play ALL the time, and loves playing chase (even though he can't walk yet). He gets a thrill out of rolling around on our bed. He thinks it's awesome to fall backward and forward and it not hurt. Although he's almost fell off a few times and I've suffered a few heart attacks because of it.
Despite us continually be social, he has big time separation anxiety. It sucks. He loses it when I drop him off anywhere. My heart races and then crashes into the floor. I hate it. My friend Jill came over today and her son doesn't have it at all and he stays home with her ALL the time. I'm convinced it's not an environmental trait, else Evan wouldn't be bothered by this. I started letting him stay the night with my mom on a regular basis since he was 4 weeks old! He's stayed with my aunt, sister and Steve's mom too. Several friends babysit him, he goes to the nursery at church and at the Y, AND we're part of a Mama's group. So he gets plenty of socialization, def not sheltered. Ugh, pray for me, else I'm gonna become a hermit. j/k ;)

He's 90% on height, 50% on weight. I'm happy he's tall...for now at least. He has huge feet (size 5.5!). I love that he loves to lay his head on my shoulder and give me looooooooong hugs. Gosh I hope that never changes, but I'm sure I won't get my way on that one. He has 2 bottom teeth and 3 top teeth...working on a 4th. Wish that sucker would hurry and come in!

I'm looking forward to spring and summer with this little guy. I have all my free time back and look forward to getting out of the house LOTS...meetups with Mama's group, swimming lessons, park dates, swimming at Grammy's, meeting friends for lunch, shopping with Nana, play dates with all his little friends...ahh summer's gonna be awesome!

Monday, February 2, 2009

For Bode

Dear Bode,
Right now you're minutes away from coming into the world. What an exciting day! I know your mommy is thrilled after all these long months. You're one lucky little boy to have the two fabulous parents that you have. Your years ahead are going to be filled with love and lots of fun! Evan, Steve and I are SO excited to meet you!

Happy Birthday Bode!! We love you even though we haven't met you yet.

Auntie Beth, Uncle Steve and Cousin Evan :)