Friday, May 21, 2010

Evan stats

February/March 2010 - started putting 4-5 word sentences together
March 2010 - fully potty trained in 4 accidents til Gavin came along
May 20, 2010 - said "I love you Mommy" for the first time
May 20, 2010 - last day of MDO. In his program with his class, he sang louder than all the other kids, knew just about all the hand motions to the songs and cried for a long time after he saw Daddy leave. Wouldn't even eat his lunch, his teacher said. He kept crying for Daddy. :(

Very sweet towards Gavin. Kisses him on head. Tries to "lay" on top of him to give him a hug. LOVES to crawl into Gavin's crib with him. "Talks" to him all the time. Calls him "Baby Gavin". Asks where he is if he's not around.

Favorite new movies are Toy Story I & II.
Favorite characters are Mickey Mouse, the "Cars", and Buzz and Woody from Toy Story.
Loves riding on Daddy's riding mower with him.