Thursday, June 26, 2008

Me and My Sissy

(And my nephew!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New pics - 5 Months

Breaking the Pacie

I've decided it's time to break Baby Boo's addiction to the pacie. After about a month of him waking up 1-3 times a night just because he dropped it, the decision came pretty easy. I'd get up, give it back to him and we'd both go back to sleep. But the point was that I was still having to get up! I've been really worried about it, fearing he'd never be able to go to sleep without it. But typical of him, he's been doing GREAT and once again I worried for nothing. Yesterday he fell asleep during naptime without it and last night he fell asleep at bedtime without it. I couldn't believe it! The best part is that for the past two nights, he hasn't woken up either. I'm still in disbelief. But God answers prayers and that was definitely one of mine! I'm glad He answers prayers that are important to us when even in the big scheme of things, they're rather insignificant.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another one of Evan's lady friends...hehe

This is my friend Jennifer's little girl, Addison. Evan looks jumbo next to her! She's 2 months and he's 5 months.

Redefining Father's Day

Steve got to celebrate his first Father's Day this year. I'm sure I was way more excited than he was. :) I worked super hard on this piece of pottery that I made for him from Evan. It's this ceramic box to hold his watch, change, etc. I stamped Evan's footprints on the top and wrote "Happy Father's Day DaDa, love Evan" on the top. It turned out SOOO cute. It should have...took me hours to do! I've been to All Fired Up several times and my pottery always turns out ugly, but this one turned out awesome! I wanted to post a pic, but Steve took it to work to put on his desk.

I got him a new Citizen watch to go in his ceramic box. I must say, that thing is fly!

As we were sitting in church that day, I obviously couldn't help but think about my father. My father wasn't a good one. Before I knew it, thoughts flooded my mind of the awful things he did. My heart broke as I thought about all the children in the world that have bad fathers and that get mistreated like I was. But quickly I focused my attention on Steve, and how great of a father he is. It is so incredibly comforting to know that Steve will always be a loving father and he'll never mistreat our children. It's nice that I have a chance to redefine Father's Day in my own mind with my own family.

And then I thought of my stepdad and what an amazing father he is. He restored my whole world the day he walked into my life. He's the most gentle, loving man and he's always loved and treated me like I am his own. God definitely restores what's been stolen by the enemy. I am so thankful for these two fathers in my life.


People on eBay are so bogus! Half of them are liars and the other half have completely unreasonable expectations. I'm beginning to think it's not even worth listing stuff on there. Not like I list much anyways, but still. Ugh, I'm so fed up with ridiculous people on there! Ugh!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

5 Months

Our baby's 5 months old now and already he's starting to seem so big! He's not a newborn any more...he's pawing at and grasping things, pushing up while on his tummy, giggling, touching my face, starting to hold his bottle and learning to sit up (still with lots of help). He's the happiest little thing. He just smiles, giggles, squeals and bounces around all the time. We've taken him swimming a few times now and he just lays back and soaks it all in as if he knows what it's like to be at a spa. Daddy has taught him how to splash in the tub and boy, did he learn that one quick!

He's eating baby food once a day...loves carrots, green beans, prunes, bananas. Hates peas (can't blame him). He learned how to eat with the spoon after one try! He got that concept and ran with it. He knows when it's time to eat and he gets excited and starts opening his mouth. He recognizes the "ba ba" too and his eyes light up when he sees it.

He weighs a whopping 17lbs. If I've heard "Wow, he's big" once, I've heard it a million times. He's very long more than anything. He has a tiny little waist. So all his clothes are too short, but he doesn't fill out the belly. I'm actually buying him 9 months clothes just for the length. But I prayed he'd be tall, so God's just fulfilling that request!

Briana Ona!!

My sweet, adorable niece Briana stayed 2 nights with us last week. She is such an angel. She is always so much help with Evan. I bribed her 3 times to feed Evan his bottle in the car while I was busy shuttling her to the zoo, to the pool and then to Chuck E Cheese. She's the kind of kid you want to do things for because she gets SO excited. It's so fun to see. When we ran out of tokens at CEC and I told her I was going to buy more, she practically lept up to the ceiling! We took a few pics and videos too. Wish I could get the videos to upload because they are priceless!

Dad help! She's got me in legwarmers!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We joined 2 of my mama friends and their families on the pontoon boat they rented. All the kiddos came along and had so much fun. The water put Evan in a tranquil state...he slept most of the time. But when he was awake he looked like this:

Contrary to what it looks like, he's not crying...he's just going, "ahhhhhhhhhh". hehe He was just taking it all in.
And here's Miss Molly enjoying her on-board baby pool: