Sunday, April 27, 2008

My new present!!

Right now I'm surfing the web from my NEW PC in my NEW office at home that my sweet hubby got for me! This PC is AWWWWWWWWWESOME and the office looks so good! When I quit my job, I had to turn in my laptop so Steve got me a desktop so I could work on my graphic design stuff. This widescreen is so incredible and everything is so sleek. Ya I know, my geekiness is totally out of the closet now. :) He worked his tail off for me this weekend getting this office painted and our cool desk from Ikea put together. He's the bestest! Pics to come...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big Poppie?

Okay. I have on occasion stolen David "Big Poppi" Ortiz' nickname because I was a new dad and all that jazz, plus I live for the Red Sox. But the pic below reminds me that the nickname has become more literal than I would prefer. Blaaaa fat belly and triple chin!!! Time to loss the baby weight big guy!!!! It is almost beach season and we are going to Cape Cod this summer for the Fourth of July. Can you say beached whale!!! They say it takes 9 months to put on the weight and 9 months to lose it, but I'm sure that is suppose to apply to the parent who actually carried the baby :) Time to throw it down and get my butt in gear. Its on like Donkey Kong!! No more excuses.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Gotta love Pooh (not that kind!)

Evan has sat here and literally squealed at the TV constantly while Winnie the Pooh is on TV. We've experimented with lots of cartoons, Baby Einstein, etc, but Pooh is by far the favorite! Winnie the Pooh is popular for a reason!

New pics

Evan rockin the denim jacket Tara got him!

ATL trip

We had a great time visiting family in ATL last weekend. Although we ate so good that I totally crashed my diet, but it was almost worth it. :) The Mommies got to shop while the Daddies kept the kids...a nice treat!

The kids were so cute together. I can't wait until Evan is able to play! Ava LOVED Evan. She constantly petted his little head and would always ask me if she could touch him. So sweet! I really wish Chad & Steph lived closer.
Here's some pics:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We're getting a new nephew!!!!!

Andrea found out today that she's having a BOY!!! YAY!!! Evan's getting another boy cousin that will be just 8 months younger. I am SOOOOOO excited!! I have a HUGE pile of cute boy clothes for him already. Gosh, I couldn't be happier! I can already see little boy sleepovers in a year or two!

So this makes 3 cousins for Evan on my side of the family...Briana is 6 years older, Addison is 4 months older, and the new baby boy will be 8 months younger. And he has a ton of cousins on Steve's side, but closest are Chloe, which is 3 years older and Owen who is 6 months older. I am so happy he has lots of cousins that are close in age. That's what I always wanted for my kiddos.

What a GREAT family!!!!

We had a great weekend in ATL. Its so much fun to take baby out of town. He was soooo good all weekend. When we got home and put him in his favorite spot (changing table), he went bonkers!!! He was so happy to be home. It is so cool to see his memory developing. I couldn't stop thinking about him and Beth. It sounds strange to say given Evan is now 3+ months, but I feel more like a family each and every time we encounter different obstacles and adventures together. What a wonderful life :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Love Moma's Group!

Evan and I went to our first Mommy/Baby group today and oh my gosh, I had the best time ever. It felt so good to chat with other moms that are young and mostly new at it too. There were some moms that have more than one child and they set a good example of how to handle more than one. One girl had 3, all under 5 years old and she made it look SO easy. I don't know how she does it. Anyways, we went to the Southern Women's Show and had a nice size "stroller train" going on. One older woman muttered under her breath to her friend, "Looks like everyone was in the hospital delivering at the same time." LOL She's just jealous of the fun we were having. :) The moms are so down to earth and fun and all the babies were so well behaved. Of course one little boy in particular was exceptionally good. :) He just sat in his carrier looking around for nearly 2 hours without a peep before passing out for a nice long nap. Perfect baby. I am so blessed to have this little boy! We are definitely looking forward to the next meetup. We have lots of fun activities to look forward to with this group. I love it!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Give Daddy some props

I went to a women's conference at church this weekend and it was incredible. One class was called something like, "Being the Wife your Husband Needs". So many times we expect God to change our husbands instead of taking an inward look at ourselves. I learned some things and it really made me think about Steve. I don't think I take him for granted...I thank God for him every single day and I try to let him know that I appreciate him. But I sat and thought about all the things he hard he works to provide for our family, how involved he is with Evan, how he loves me and does nice things, how he works to make us happy, etc and it really made me realize just how blessed I am.

First of all, I am forever grateful that he has enabled me to stay home with Evan. This is the life I've always wanted. I am so glad that we discussed it before we were married and me staying home was just as important to him. He works hard to provide for us, encourages me to explore my interests, helps me with things I struggle with, listens and helps me think through things, he genuinely cares about me and Evan and puts himself after us. That's a quality of a true man. He loves Evan to pieces, gives him a bath EVERY night and plays with him, sings to him, gives him his nighttime bottle, and puts him to bed every single night. He's not intimated or afraid by baby things. Shoot, he even changed all the "tar poo" diapers while I was in the hospital! Plus he made Evan smile before I did! (I'm still holding a grudge about that one.) ;) He always finds new ways to make Evan smile and laugh. I love nothing more than seeing Steve play or sing songs to Evan every night. He is the best dad in the world. I'm SO happy my son has a good dad. It's such a priceless thing. Most of all, Steve loves God and is really searching himself to see what God wants him to do in his personal life, as a husband and as a father. I'm so proud that he's my husband.

Honey if you read this, I can't express what you mean to me. God must love me a lot to give me you. Thank you for being such a good and loving husband and daddy. I love you forever!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sneak Peak!

I FINALLY got professional family pictures made. Long story. Anyways here's the first proof. I only have ONE for now, but should get the rest soon. I have to take Evan back again to finish his set because he was so sleepy and irritable while we were there he was NOT feeling like showing off his cute smile. I love this pic though! I think it turned out great. I love pictures that aren't traditional. I think I'd be a good photographer...except I need to research how to use my shutter speed frustrating.