Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting closer to new digs...

FINALLY got a contract on our house. Praise God!! Due to close November 9. Found a house that we like in Franklin. We'll see what happens...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Blog for Baby

20 Months = Tantrums Galore

The tantrums have begun. And oh they're all out fall on the floor, stomping and high pitched screams. But let me tell you, they're not here for long. After weeks of trying to decide which method of discipline I wanted to take, the wooden spoon also made it's debut this weekend. I hated to go that route, but mama don't play those tantrum games. Actually I just had to show him the spoon and tapped his leg very softly and say, "Spank!" and he got it. He looked at me wide-eyed like, "Oh goodness, she's for real now." I'm sure it won't always be that easy. But from what friends tell me, just the threat of the spoon is usually enough. Let's hope so b/c mama hates giving spankings. :(

Oh the bright side, Evan started MDO last week. Today's his second day, thus I'm back to blogging, enjoying some quiet laptop time at Panera. He wasn't happy when I dropped him off, but I prayed he'd have a good day today. It's hard for the little guy, but I know it's best. We also started attending MOPS which I LOVE, so he's getting a double dose of childcare on some weeks.

His favorite words lately are first and foremost, "cars" for the Cars Movie. He literally wakes up saying "cars" and goes to bed saying "cars". What kind of hyponosis did they put in that movie? His other favorites are, "choo choo", "yes", "copter" for helicopter, "cheese", "tractor", and he likes to roar like a lion. hehe He still predominately says Mama alllll the time. He calls everything Mama, including Steve and pictures of himself. We're working on that. I'm teaching him to show me his happy, sad and mad faces...he thinks that's hilarious. He loves itsy bitsy spider and patty cake and basically all sing songs. Oh and he gets a kick out of sticking his index fingers in his nostrils at the same time. Hopefully he doesn't do that at MDO. lol

Gosh I don't know what I'd do without that kid. Lately I've been frustrated with him a lot because of the tantrums, but that little kid is my world. It's gonna be fun to have another one, but he'll always be my first.