Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gavin milestones

Sat up for 10 minutes yesterday. Definitely on the brink of sitting up for long stretches on a regular basis.

Gets up on hands and knees and rocks. Then I push his little butt back down! I don't want him to crawl yet!

Has been rolling over and over and over across rooms for months now. Scary!

Is the smiliest, happiest baby I have ever seen. Makes everyone feel like they're his favorite person. Laughs and coos all the time.

I refuse to put shoes on him or "big boy" outfits because they make him look too old. Oh gosh, I'm one of those mothers! I'll be dressing him in a bunny outfit when he's 3. lol

Evan milestones

Talking in lots of complete sentences.

Can identify lots of shapes.

Can now make distinction between boys and girls ("Mommy is a girl", "Daddy is a boy") So cute!

We go through all the songs he knows every night before bed. He used to want me to sing with him, but now he just wants me to listen. I taught him sign language to "Jesus Loves Me" and "Oh How I Love Jesus" and it is the cutest thing to see him sign and sing.

He's doing a lot better with being more social and happy going to church nursery, gym nursery, etc. He really enjoys playing with other kids, runs around laughing and chasing them.

This week he ran 3 houses down completely naked from waist down because he was "chasing birds". I panicked when I couldn't find him, but when I did, almost couldn't walk because I was laughing so hard.

He also puked about 8 times one night. First time he's been really sick. Poor guy.

Favorite game is chase, especially when we play with the ball. He wants me to "steal" it and run around. He loves playing kickball too.