Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We're getting a new nephew!!!!!

Andrea found out today that she's having a BOY!!! YAY!!! Evan's getting another boy cousin that will be just 8 months younger. I am SOOOOOO excited!! I have a HUGE pile of cute boy clothes for him already. Gosh, I couldn't be happier! I can already see little boy sleepovers in a year or two!

So this makes 3 cousins for Evan on my side of the family...Briana is 6 years older, Addison is 4 months older, and the new baby boy will be 8 months younger. And he has a ton of cousins on Steve's side, but closest are Chloe, which is 3 years older and Owen who is 6 months older. I am so happy he has lots of cousins that are close in age. That's what I always wanted for my kiddos.