Monday, April 7, 2008

Give Daddy some props

I went to a women's conference at church this weekend and it was incredible. One class was called something like, "Being the Wife your Husband Needs". So many times we expect God to change our husbands instead of taking an inward look at ourselves. I learned some things and it really made me think about Steve. I don't think I take him for granted...I thank God for him every single day and I try to let him know that I appreciate him. But I sat and thought about all the things he hard he works to provide for our family, how involved he is with Evan, how he loves me and does nice things, how he works to make us happy, etc and it really made me realize just how blessed I am.

First of all, I am forever grateful that he has enabled me to stay home with Evan. This is the life I've always wanted. I am so glad that we discussed it before we were married and me staying home was just as important to him. He works hard to provide for us, encourages me to explore my interests, helps me with things I struggle with, listens and helps me think through things, he genuinely cares about me and Evan and puts himself after us. That's a quality of a true man. He loves Evan to pieces, gives him a bath EVERY night and plays with him, sings to him, gives him his nighttime bottle, and puts him to bed every single night. He's not intimated or afraid by baby things. Shoot, he even changed all the "tar poo" diapers while I was in the hospital! Plus he made Evan smile before I did! (I'm still holding a grudge about that one.) ;) He always finds new ways to make Evan smile and laugh. I love nothing more than seeing Steve play or sing songs to Evan every night. He is the best dad in the world. I'm SO happy my son has a good dad. It's such a priceless thing. Most of all, Steve loves God and is really searching himself to see what God wants him to do in his personal life, as a husband and as a father. I'm so proud that he's my husband.

Honey if you read this, I can't express what you mean to me. God must love me a lot to give me you. Thank you for being such a good and loving husband and daddy. I love you forever!