Sunday, December 28, 2008

11 Months

Evan is transforming from a baby to a toddler before my very eyes. He says Mama and Dada regularly and is starting to say Bye Bye and wave. He jabbers most of the day and is learning to listen when I give him instructions. He also has been showing me when he's displeased or doesn't want to do what I say...uh it starts here. Compared to other babies we're around, he seems to have a calm nature. He's a watcher, but then he's not afraid to dive in. He absolutely loves tickle time, for us to play with him in the floor, to be upside down, to make stuffed animals talk, etc. He laughs all the time and is always trying to get me to laugh. Oh and he finally started crawling on all fours instead of scooting himself. We thought that'd never happen, but once he discovered he could do it, he was like lightening!

My favorite milestone is that he learned to clap his hands. I don't know why I'm so enamered when he does that. It's just SO cute! He's also getting his top teeth in. One of the big ones and one to the side of it. He's been really fussy and whiney lately, no doubt why. He got his first real sickness too...a 102 fever...had to get antibiotics and everything. It was so sad...I felt so helpless as he laid his head on my shoulder all day long, whimpering. Now I completely understand when parents say they'd be sick for their kids in a heartbeat if they could.

Only one more month until his first birthday! I can't believe it. Sometimes it seems like he was just born, but then again, it seems like the longest year of my life. lol Steve and I agree that while 2008 was a great year in a lot of ways, we're really looking forward to 2009. For me, Evan's just a LOT easier now that he's older. That first 6 months was challenging and I'm much more comfortable with where he is now. Maybe that's why all my friends say they started wanting another baby around this stage? Nah! Why ruin what we've got going? :)


Kaeser Family said...

Now just one more day until you can write his 12 month update! Happy Birthday Evan!!!