Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Gosh December has been a busy month (as for everybody)...preparing for Christmas, Christmas parties, planning Evster's birthday, catching up with friends, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.

Anyways so I've got almost all my Christmas shopping done...just one more thing for Steve and I'll be done. We blew it out at Toys R Us a few weeks ago for Evan, so we're done with his Christmas and birthday. The moment we walked in the doors and we started looking at all the stocking stuffers, I started tearing up. I'm such an emo these days! (emo=emotional) I get choked up over evvvvvvvvverything. But I felt somewhat justified in this moment. All the years I waited for a husband, and ultimately a family, came to this....buying presents for my baby boy for his first Christmas. I just couldn't stand it. I was so incredibly happy getting to pick out things for him, anticipating Christmas morning with my little family. I lay in bed at night so excited about Christmas...and not about what I'm getting for once, but for what I'm GIVING, it's all I can do to go to sleep. Life certainly has changed from my lonely existence a few years ago. God kept His word and came through for me.

Before I start crying again, let's move on. Steve continues to be busy at work, but not as busy as a month or so ago. We're both thankful for that. He's a lot happier when he comes home too, which is nice to see. God's given him a lot of favor at work lately and we're believing for great things next year. Also, he's been getting up at 5 am every morning and going to the gym before work. I'm so proud of him for that...lots of discipline! We're both ready to get healthy again and shed some poundage. It's a yo-yo thing that we do, but in a way, we're ready for January to come so all the temptations of December will be over. Ah, not really. :)