Monday, October 6, 2008

Heck to the NO

This is going to sound like a snooty (sp?), snobby, I'm-better-than-you thing to say, but I don't mean it that way at all. You have think about how much I LOATHED my job before I had Evan. I hated it so bad, was so miserable, would wake up in the morning dreading my day and wishing it away and lost all care because of the things going on there. So here goes...

A couple recruiters have called me lately trying to place me...full time, part time, contractor, whatever. Do you know how nice it is to say thanks but no thanks? I just never knew I'd be able to say that, especially so soon after getting married. (Told you it'd sound snooty.) I am SO happy to be staying home with Evan and not forced to go back to a job I hate. It's not only the company that made me miserable, but I was tired of doing what I was doing. I was very good at it and I enjoyed it at one time, but my focus has shifted. I'd consider working again, but only doing Graphic Design or something that appeals to me.

Staying at home isn't always fun and games. I'm convinced the house dirties itself when I'm not looking, sometimes Evan gets stir crazy and doesn't cooperate, and I don't get as many moments to myself as I'd like, but overall, I have a pretty sweet deal. I'm not being snooty, I'm just being appreciative. Steve, I'm forever greatful. xoxo


MelissaB said...

You don't sound snooty AT ALL, you sound THANKFUL and who could blame you!? It's just one of your many well deserved blessings... I'm so happy for you :)

The Dover Family said...

I would "heck to the no" to any job other than being at home with Mase! (and i loved my previous job.) I understand completely!

bethology said...

Thanks for the props girls! :)