Wednesday, October 8, 2008

9 Months

Wow has this been a big month! A lot has happened during the 8th month. All the sudden, Evan started rolling over in his crib, sleeping on his tummy, pulling up on things to stand, taking steps when we hold his hands, AND scooting on his tummy. His "crawl" is so funny. It's not the traditional crawl and not even the army crawl. He keeps his entire body on the floor and uses his toes and hands/arms to get to what he wants. It's hysterical. I wish I could post a video, but that's too time consuming right now. I was beginning to wonder if he'd ever have the desire to crawl, so it's kind of a relief, but also a kick in the butt. It means I have to babyproof pronto! I have all the babyproof gadgets...I just haven't installed them yet. I don't know why I dread it so much. But there have already been plenty of bumps and bruises thanks to our hardwood floors (despite the rugs). I just want to line our whole house with cushy foam from floor to ceiling!

A few months ago, I was feeling all confident because in both nurseries he goes to, they were telling me he was their favorite baby and he was so good. Now, he's the baby that cries when he notices I'm gone and wants to be held the whole time. :( Fortunately he's still not a wailer, but I hate that he's fussy. Somehow I'm feeling better about it than last month though. I keep giving myself pep talks with the knowledge that it's just something that babies go through and that he's not hurting or in any danger while I'm away.

We put him in the Creepers class at church tonight instead of the infants. I think that helped (well that and the fact Steve and I were both in there all night with him!). He definitely fits in with them better as far as size goes, I was just concerned they'd eat him for lunch! Those babies can be aggressive! Of course they don't mean to be, but some of them are starting to walk and he's just now crawling. But he did really well and even acted excited to be in there.

Steve's convinced that he's trying to sing along with one of his favorite ABC toys. It's the sweetest little sound! He doesn't say any words on purpose yet, but he makes the "ba ba", "tha tha" and "da da" sounds a lot. He's very vocal at home. Sometimes when he "talks" to me, he'll spout out of a bunch of sounds and then smile and put his head down like he's shy. It's SO cute.

Gosh I love that baby so much. He is such a sweet little thing. So he can be a little clingy at times, but he's a baby! I must guiltily admit that I actually like it sometimes because he always wants me. Naturally that feels good! :) Just to see his cheesy little smile or hear that giggle or purr, just lights up my day.

Watch out Mom, I learned to pull myself up! And as you can see, I'm pretty excited about it!

And I'm standing in my crib too. Daddy had to lower my mattress, but it looks like it needs to be even lower now. Watch out!

Sportin my Red Sox hat for the ALDS! And it worked cause they won!

I can't wait until he can wear this hat! Steve thinks I'm cruel, but come on...he'll only be my baby for a little bit longer. And he's SOOO cute in it I can't stand it. You can't see it well in this pic, but the top of the hat has bear ears. Love it!

This one's for Nana. We need to get Joshie's pic taken with me in our matching outfits!