Saturday, September 13, 2008

8 Months...Pteradactyl

Our son has turned into a Pteradactyl, as of today. I love giving him nick names and the latest is Pteradactyl. We're out to lunch and he starts squealing in this high pitched squeal. Three of the hostesses were peaking around the corner flirting with him and boy was he flirting back. He was cheesin and squealing over and over and over again. The cheesin is fine, but the high pitch squeal I'm not so sure of. This continues all day today. We had friends over tonight and he's squealing at them, their little girl, me, Steve, all during bath time...basically at anything.

Other than that, I guess he's grown longer, at least that's what all my friends say. It's hard to notice when I see him everyday. He's very happy, loves baby food (especially biter bisquits, puffs, and his sippy cup). He doesn't have any teeth yet and isn't crawling, although he's very good at turning around on his tummy and bootie. He's really social too. When we go to playdates, he just lights up and "talks" to the other babies the whole time. Anyone that talks to him or shows him attention, he falls in love with. Especially if you're a woman or you're black. LOL The other day we're at Olive Garden and this black guy that was the hostess kept talking to him. As we were leaving, the guy asked if he could hold him. "Sure," I said. So Evan is touching this guy's face and cheesin and squealing...I think he even tried to kiss him! It was hysterical.

Andrea thinks Evan's jealous when I hold Josh. I don't know if that's the case, but he is a Mama's boy. He doesn't like it if I leave the room. Unfortunately there have been a few cases when I leave him with a friend or at the nursery when he cries at first. He's always fine in a few minutes, but I certainly dread the separation anxiety stage. We're not there completely and I'm just praying it doesn't get full blown. Unfortunately I don't know any tricks to prevent him from going through that. I read that it's good and healthy because it means your child has formed a strong attachment to you and he trusts you. That's all fine and good, but if it gets bad it's going to break my heart and I'll have to make Steve drop him off at the nursery. Seriously, how am I supposed to not feel anything if he cries when I leave him? It's so out of character for him to cry at all, that it makes me feel bad. I know that I'll have to be strong and not let it get to me too bad, but it's hard. Anyways, I have some time...I shouldn't put the cart before the horse.

At this stage he puts everything, absolutely everything, in his mouth. Tonight he decided to see if he can get his lips on the water coming out of the facet in the sink while Daddy was bathing him. He leans in, closer, closer, closer, success! Oh that was fun! The look on his face was priceless. He was very fascinated by that and continued to amuse himself until we got him out of the bath (aka sink).

Don't be jealous of my bed head.