Saturday, September 13, 2008

Visit to Momaw and Pa's

Mom, Andrea, Josh, Evan and I visited Momaw and Pa this week. We took Mom's car and she sat in the backseat between her grandsons! She didn't have a choice...Andrea and I quickly pointed out that her butt is the smallest of all three of us, therefore she had to ride in the back. lol

We had such a good time. Momaw and Pa took us to lunch and then snuggled the babies when we got back to their house. The most eventful part of the day was when Andrea was changing Josh on the living room floor and he squirted pee across the room and there was no way she could see it to wipe it up. She was feeling bad and embarrassed about it, hoping they didn't see it. Just then, Mom lays Evan down to change his diaper. Because he's eating baby food and he had prunes that morning, let's just say that diaper was pretty nasty. So she gets him all cleaned up and starts to put the clean diaper underneath him and BAM! He EXPLODES poo out like a firecracker! Did I mention that apparently my family doesn't know what changing pads are? So now my grandparents have this huge, I'm talking HUGE pile of runny poo on their living room carpet! LOL (It's really not funny, but I can't stop laughing as I'm writing this!) Mom's trying to cover it up and whisper to me to go get some carpet cleaner quick, but I'm doubled over and paralyzed with laughter so I couldn't. We uncover the spot and just then my Grandma looks down and goes, "Oh my". LOL Fortunately Andrea scrambles to go get the cleaner and manages to get their carpet cleaned up.

I don't think they're gonna want us to come back any time soon. And I'm pretty sure we're getting changing pads for Christmas. :)


Tattoomom said...

Got one for ya. Z-Man was about 1 month old and I was changing his bootie when out of no where, POW! It came w/ such force it went all the way down the changing table, through the rungs and half way across the room! I was totally shocked! I couldn't speak for a full minute! LOL. Awww. the good old days! Enjoy them. All of them! Love ya girl!

Just wait until he pees on his doctor! Done that too!

bethology said...

Lol...thanks for the story! Gotta love our boys. He peed on his doctor on his first visit, btw. lol Love and miss you!