Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Redefining Father's Day

Steve got to celebrate his first Father's Day this year. I'm sure I was way more excited than he was. :) I worked super hard on this piece of pottery that I made for him from Evan. It's this ceramic box to hold his watch, change, etc. I stamped Evan's footprints on the top and wrote "Happy Father's Day DaDa, love Evan" on the top. It turned out SOOO cute. It should have...took me hours to do! I've been to All Fired Up several times and my pottery always turns out ugly, but this one turned out awesome! I wanted to post a pic, but Steve took it to work to put on his desk.

I got him a new Citizen watch to go in his ceramic box. I must say, that thing is fly!

As we were sitting in church that day, I obviously couldn't help but think about my father. My father wasn't a good one. Before I knew it, thoughts flooded my mind of the awful things he did. My heart broke as I thought about all the children in the world that have bad fathers and that get mistreated like I was. But quickly I focused my attention on Steve, and how great of a father he is. It is so incredibly comforting to know that Steve will always be a loving father and he'll never mistreat our children. It's nice that I have a chance to redefine Father's Day in my own mind with my own family.

And then I thought of my stepdad and what an amazing father he is. He restored my whole world the day he walked into my life. He's the most gentle, loving man and he's always loved and treated me like I am his own. God definitely restores what's been stolen by the enemy. I am so thankful for these two fathers in my life.