Thursday, June 12, 2008

5 Months

Our baby's 5 months old now and already he's starting to seem so big! He's not a newborn any more...he's pawing at and grasping things, pushing up while on his tummy, giggling, touching my face, starting to hold his bottle and learning to sit up (still with lots of help). He's the happiest little thing. He just smiles, giggles, squeals and bounces around all the time. We've taken him swimming a few times now and he just lays back and soaks it all in as if he knows what it's like to be at a spa. Daddy has taught him how to splash in the tub and boy, did he learn that one quick!

He's eating baby food once a day...loves carrots, green beans, prunes, bananas. Hates peas (can't blame him). He learned how to eat with the spoon after one try! He got that concept and ran with it. He knows when it's time to eat and he gets excited and starts opening his mouth. He recognizes the "ba ba" too and his eyes light up when he sees it.

He weighs a whopping 17lbs. If I've heard "Wow, he's big" once, I've heard it a million times. He's very long more than anything. He has a tiny little waist. So all his clothes are too short, but he doesn't fill out the belly. I'm actually buying him 9 months clothes just for the length. But I prayed he'd be tall, so God's just fulfilling that request!