Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Breaking the Pacie

I've decided it's time to break Baby Boo's addiction to the pacie. After about a month of him waking up 1-3 times a night just because he dropped it, the decision came pretty easy. I'd get up, give it back to him and we'd both go back to sleep. But the point was that I was still having to get up! I've been really worried about it, fearing he'd never be able to go to sleep without it. But typical of him, he's been doing GREAT and once again I worried for nothing. Yesterday he fell asleep during naptime without it and last night he fell asleep at bedtime without it. I couldn't believe it! The best part is that for the past two nights, he hasn't woken up either. I'm still in disbelief. But God answers prayers and that was definitely one of mine! I'm glad He answers prayers that are important to us when even in the big scheme of things, they're rather insignificant.