Friday, March 27, 2009

Goodbye Mr. Kirby :(

Our neighbor Mr. Kirby died today. He was around 95 years old. Such a sweet, sweet old man. I first met him when I was outside painting our porch and he yelled over, "Come over and visit me sometime. I'm here all by myself. I get lonely. You can bring that baby with you. I like babies." So I got Evan and went over and visited with him a while. I visited him every now and then. He's a talker and it was always hard for me to tell him I needed to get back home, so my visits were less frequent. I'm upset with myself about that now.

Mr. Kirby always loaned Steve tools. In fact, I think we have his blower right now. He was always one to give us advice about our house and tell us stories about his life. He was such an interesting man to talk to. He had such a sweet nature. He'd see Evan and say, "I wish I could hold that baby but I'm afraid I'd drop him." I plopped Evan on his lap one day. I'm so glad I did. Evan loves his dog, Minnie. Minnie's really gonna miss him.

Today I got home and lots of people were outside around his house. I knew. I went over and his grandson told me he had passed 30 minutes ago. What I'm most upset about is that I planned on going over to see Mr. Kirby this weekend. Steve told me he wasn't doing good. I've been on vacation this week and told myself I was going to go see him as soon as I got back. Too late. I'm so sad that I didn't even get to ask him if he knew Jesus. I'll live with that regret forever. :(

I hope Mr. Kirby is in heaven with his beloved wife. He missed her so, so much.

I'm sorry, Mr. Kirby, that I didn't get to say goodbye. You know I admired you and I was your friend. Please forgive me for not visiting you more. You'll be missed by all of us.