Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am *really* 30.4 years old

So anyone that has a TV on during the day knows that Oprah is doing Your Best Life series (she SO stole that title from Joel Osteen!). I swear I'm not the typical stay-at-home mom that sits around watching Oprah all day, but I did catch part of her show one day this week when she was talking about a website that calculates your "real age". There was this lady on the show that was 44 years old, but her test results said she was 60 because she had poor lifestyle habits like smoking, not exercising and eating right, etc.

So I decided to take the test. Technically I am 30.6 years old but my test results show 30.4. Not too shabby, but could definitely be a lot better if I ate healthier, did more strength training and get this...had a dog! I got points deducted because I don't have a dog! LOL I remember those days and it AIN'T gonna happen any time soon in this house unless dogs learn to lick their paws clean before they come inside and stop shedding and then I may reconsider. :)

Here's the test in case you're interested: RealAge Test