Monday, November 10, 2008

We snagged the location!

I know I've got the "psycho first time mommy" thing going on to be planning Evan's first birthday two months ahead of time, but I'm so excited! It's a good thing I did because I almost didn't get the location I wanted. But by a miracle, we got it! It will be at our church's indoor playground, which is magnificant! It's a 2 story playground (the largest in Nashville) with all kinds of tunnels and slides. Once you see it, you'll understand why it's in such high demand. Since Evan won't care, I wanted to pick a place where all the older kids could have a good time without spending the $250 everywhere else was charging.

Mom thinks I'm crazy because I booked our family photographer to take pics, but I think of it as a pics plus his one year pics at the same time. Plus I don't want to be stressed out trying to take pics...I want to enjoy the party myself. Okay okay, so I am a little crazed. :)

I'm well aware that he won't remember his first birthday party, but I will. This party is for me! hehe I am so excited! So save the date...January 10 from 9 am - noon!


The Dover Family said...

I am kicking myself right now...what a great idea to book a photographer for his party!!! I SO should have done that for Mason..would have been so much more enjoyable. Good thinking Beth!


bethology said...

Thanks girl! For some incredibly strange reason, it's cheaper for our photographer to come take pictures at an event than in her studio. Doesn't make sense to me, but I'm glad it won't cost an arm and a leg!