Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our First Family Halloween

Steve and I, er...Evan had the best Halloween ever! :) We were planning on going to Fall Fest at church, but at the very last minute decided to go trick-or-treating with all the kids in my family. And I'm so glad we did, even the adults dressed up! NANA even dressed up! Her costume was hilarious! Back to that in a sec...

Every year Nana takes Briana to trick-or-treat with Kellie and Macey and Aunt SheShe. Aunt SheShe and Uncle Joe Joe live in a GREAT neighborhood that they've lived in for years. So we feel safe over there. So anyways, this year we have three new babies in the family. Josh is still too little, but Addison and Evan got to join in on the fun. Addison is 13 months and she was absolutely adorable in her little costume.

These pictures confirm that I have one FUN, COOL family. Well, "cool" may not be the most appropriate word when you see all of our costumes. hehe I was so excited to see all the adults dressed up and ready to go when we arrived. I want to do this every year! Steve and I LOVE costume parties (thus my birthday party this year and his last year). Thanks to Aunt SheShe for keeping lots of costumes around for all these years. I love you all very much!!

(I wanted to post all the pictures, but I had to draw the line somewhere.)

The Gang

Daddy, Mommy, and Ev-a-roo

Poppa and Addie Jo

Briana Ona, Nana and Mace-a-rino

Gwenie, Addie, and Adam

Daddy and Evie Woo

Is all that candy for ME?! (Check out his

Addie and Monk-a-roo
(He's worried she's stealing his candy.)

Mama let me have my first sucker...woohoo! I LOVED it!


Kaeser Family said...

Evan, you are so cute!!! You look like you are in love with all that candy in front of you too! ;)