Monday, November 17, 2008

10 Months

Well my baby almost isn't a baby any more. He's acting more and more like a toddler. First and foremost, he is too "big" to drink formula. At least that's what the doctor's nurse told me. I've tried it to him in a different cup, adding juice to it, warming it, serving it cold, making it into a smoothie with fruit, giving it to him in a glass, uping him to toddler name it! The kid is done with formula. The good part is that it makes breaking the bottle a snap. The bad part is that he is probably vitamin deficient now! After several days of this, I discovered that he will, however, drink chocolate milk. Mother of the year right here! Giving my kid whole milk 2 months ahead of time with chocolate! He gulped that down like there was no tomorrow. I don't really feel right about that though so I only gave it to him once. He's killing me on this formula thing.

Other than that, he's got the crawling thing down (even though he still crawls like an inchworm, he's fast!). He LOVES games and tickling. He wants to play all the time, or I should say, he wants ME to play with him all the time. Actually he does good playing by himself at home, but when Steve or I join in, he gets so excited he can't contain it.

We've been having a few more playdates recently. I hosted two here and then we've been going to more at other people's houses. It's so good for us both. I like chatting with my friends and he likes playing/observing his. Unfortunately the times we take him to the nursery at church, he's almost always sleepy so he doesn't get to enjoy it. But he really gets excited to see other kids at the playdates.

Oh yeah, and he's finally getting some teeth! His bottom two are busting through. My mom said all of us got our teeth late so I guess it makes sense. He was kinda hard to deal with that first week they were coming in, so I'm glad they lingered and didn't pop through at 4 months or something.

I can't believe he'll be a year old in a month and a half. I'm so excited about his party. All his little cousins and friends will be there.


Tattoomom said...

Rock on. One of Zachy's first words wAS " Soda "! You can blame my mom for that. Darn Diet Coke junkie! LOL

No worries on the Milk thing. If he refuses formula, count your blessings ( expensive ) and switch to milk and juice. He will be just fine! He knows what he wants better then you do! ;)

Katie said...

Great update! He's just so darn cute and we feel so lucky to have been able to play with him last week - looking forward to another update! Oh - and don't feel bad at all about the chocolate milk. We went to whole milk at 10.5 months and my girls didn't have any problem with it - but they barely drank any, so my pediatrician actually suggested chocolate milk as an incentive for them to drink. I say any way you can get them to drink milk, go for it. :)

bethology said...

Thank you both for your encouraging words! It's so comforting to talk to other moms and know I'm not the only one bribing my child into drinking milk! lol

Mandy, I give Evan sips of Diet Coke too from time to time. And since he loves it, I know he's definitely MY child! LOL

The Tomlinson Family said...

If you feel bad about the chocolate, switch to the strawberry. Nestle has added calcium and stuff--may make you feel better (hee-hee). My girls love the strawberry milk and that's all my brother would drink growing up. I put Adah's poly-vi-sol vitamins right in her cup with strawberry milk every morning and she drinks it down. I switched to strawberry because I read where the chocolate in milk prohibits certain nutrients from being absorbed. I don't know how true that is, but it did make me feel better.