Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation Highlights

We just got back from our first family vacation to Cape Cod for 10 days. I was nervous about taking Evan...not sure if it would really feel like vacation, but after a few days getting him acculimated to the weather, he did far better than I could have asked for. Not only that, he made SEVERAL milestones while we were gone. First and foremost, he learned to sit up!!! All by himself and all of the sudden. My excitement still hasn't worn off about that yet. And he really started jumping in the jumparoo. Lisa brought over one just like his, but he never really jumped in it, he just played with the toys. But this week he got the concept of jumping and he wore it out! He had no problems sleeping in a strange pack-n-play, he bonded with Grandma Jane like I couldn't believe, he LOVED the hiking backpack he toted him around in, made "friends" with every single person we came in contact with and did perfect on both flights. He is such a great baby.

We started off our trip by spending a day in Boston and got to hang out in Fenway Park. We all got new Red Sox ball caps which was fun. Steve got a baseball signed by some former players (Jim Rice and others), which was super exciting to him. Daddy and Evan got pics with them too.

We stayed with Grandma Jane in the family cottage for 9 days, just a stone's throw from the beach. Since the cottage is on the bay side, the tide comes way in and goes way out. I'd never seen anything like it before. When the tide's out, you can walk WAY out onto the sand bars. But when the tide's in, there's hardly any beach at all. It's crazy! Because of my ocean-fish-grime paranoia, I didn't get in the ocean much, but I managed to overcome my fear and got in with Steve and we had a ball! Evan slept on the beach while we frolicked in the water like was so fun.

Some of my favorite memories include introducing Grandma Jane to the Bachelorette (tv show). Oh man, it was hysterical! First of all, Grandma Jane is 87 years old. She said things like, "That girl doesn't have sex with all those men, does she?" And "I can't believe she tasted all those men." This was my favorite dialog between Steve and her...

Grandma Jane: "I would have chosen that guy."
Steve: "Why would you have chosen him?"
Grandma Jane: "I liked what I saw."
Steve: "The only thing you saw was him with his shirt off!"

LOL!! She stayed up past her bedtime to finish watching the show with me. Poor thing was tired and sleepy, but couldn't peel herself from the TV until the show was over. lol

It was very fun for me to meet Steve's sister Lisa and her kids. Lisa is soooo nice and thoughtful. Noah is almost a year and he's a wild one! Nate is 20 and he's very polite and together. Ashley is 17 and super sweet. She babysat for us on our anniversary so we could have a night together. I really wish they lived here so we could hang out with them more.

My most memorable moment on vacation was our anniversary. Steve took me to his favorite restaurant on the Cape, Ocean House. We walked in the restaurant and immediately you're looking at the ocean. They have these magnificent windows everywhere. Since the restaurant literally sits on the beach, you can't get any closer. We got the perfect table up against the window. We had a nice long, slow dinner and at the perfect moment, Steve stuns me with diamond earrings! He just pulled them out of his pocket, no box or anything (hmmm...wonder if they're black market? lol). He said the most amazing things that I needed to hear. I felt exactly the way I did when he proposed...exactly. It was a wonderful feeling. I didn't quit crying for 15 minutes. I was crying so hard I almost couldn't catch my breath. You guys know remember all those years I prayed for a husband. Steve is more than I asked for. He continually surprises me with new things about him that I adore. He knows exactly what to say exactly when I need to hear it. He loves me so much that sometimes I can't fathom it. It reminds me of the verse where God says He'll bless us exceedingly more than what we can ask or imagine. That's what I thought of when I was sitting there at that moment...His word never comes back void.

There are so many other wonderful memories that I have from this vacation, but I have to go. Can't miss the series finale of the Bachelorette!! Gotta call Grandma Jane and make sure she's watching! :)