Tuesday, July 15, 2008

6 Months

Evan turned 6 months on the 7th. He learned to sit up a week or so before that while we were on vacation at the Cape. Very exciting! He also started to really jump in his jumparoo, which he was thrilled about. So far he's had one face plant since sitting up and it happened today. Despite the boppy I had strategically placed around him, poor little guy busted his lip a little. I didn't anticipate him falling forward. He really hasn't fallen much since learning to sit up. He's pretty stable. But of course he's okay.
Anyways, we learned at his doctor's appointment that he's 18 lbs (60%), 28 inches (95%...yeah!) and I guess he has a little head because it's in the 25%. It doesn't look too small for his body to me though. Although all I can think about is those movies with aliens with tiny heads. lol I only let him get 2 vaccinations at a time, fortunately one was oral so that only left 1 "real" shot. My prayers worked because he only cried a second and then was fine. The staff thinks I'm retarded for not doing all his vaccinations at once but I don't care. It's just mean to give little babies any more than that at one time! Plus I'm leary of giving babies too many shots at once...I personally think it's too much for their little bodies to handle all at once.

The doc says he can start using a sippy cup with juice now, which blew my mind since he can't even hold his own bottle very well. But of course I rushed to Target to pick out his first cup! I bought a trainer cup that functions as a bottle and sippy until he really gets the hang of it. It's cute to see him hold it! He seemed to like apple juice okay, but still hasn't got the hang of the sippy. Along with the new cup came several new toys since he can sit up now and he *needed* new toys. :)

I was thrilled to hear the doctor say it wasn't going to make him retarded if I let him watch a few minutes of TV a day. All the stuff I read makes me crazy...like TV causes autism. This kid is in the stage where he constantly needs something new to see or do, so TV is helpful from time to time. Plus he only watches it for a few minutes before something else captures his attention.

I'm pretty sure he has early onset separation anxiety. Which is weird considering he's never had an issue with that before. He's fine if he sees me, but the minute he realizes I'm in another room, he's whining. Pretty annoying, but we just have to work through it.

He's an incredibly happy little thing! He smiles and giggles at everyone. Mom says you can tell he's incredibly loved. No kidding...I do just about everything that kid wants! hehe Momaw watched him for me yesterday while I spoke to my mom's Girls Ministries class. I don't think Momaw sat him down the whole time she watched him. His little head still smells like her perfume because she kissed and loved on him so much! I guess we're going to have to work on how to "unspoil" a baby pretty soon. :) He's staying the night with Grammy and Poppi for the first time this weekend. Mommy and Daddy are excited to get a date night! Actually Mommy's more excited to get to sleep in the next morning!
The hardest thing to adjust to is that he used to take 4-5 naps a day (yes I was very lucky) but now he only takes 2. It's difficult because he's thrown his whole routine off so I'm left trying to figure out what the new one's going to be.
Six months is so fun. He's so alert, happy, and playful. They say it only gets better. Yesterday I took him to the pool at the Y and he spent a long time in the pool with me. He used to only last about 15 minutes.

My favorite thing to report is that he's sleeping from 8 pm until 7:15 am! YEAH! FINALLY! The only thing is that he still wakes up occasionally between 4:30-5:30. It's because he wants his pacifier. I had that nailed before we went on vacation but we regressed a bit while in a new atmosphere so I'm having to retrain on that. The doctor says I shouldn't break him of his pacifier completely since he's only 6 months, but that it's up to me. I broke him of his addiction to it...meaning he doesn't need it to go to sleep. But I still give it to him sometimes if he's really upset. But this 4:30-5:30 thing has got to stop!

So everything's going very well...I couldn't ask for anything to be better. I love spending my days with him. Tomorrow we have a playdate with the Mama's Group, which we always look forward to. I'm psyched that he can sit up now so maybe he can start to interact with the other babies.
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