Monday, May 12, 2008

I finally got to stand!

Every year for Mother's Day at church, the Pastor has all the Mothers stand up and be honored. And every year I wanted to be one of the women standing. For those of you who know me closely, you know how long I waited for the man that God had for me and how I wanted to be a Mother. Well...I finally got to stand this year! (Of course I sobbed the whole time.)

When we stood, he talked about how being a mom isn't easy and not to ever let anyone belittle the role of a Mother. He pointed out that being a Mother is the most important assignment that we as women will ever be given. I wholeheartedly agree and always have. The importance of raising other human beings properly in this world is the hardest job out there. When I look at a society that is so corrupt, I can't help but think most of it is the parents fault. Parents that don't love their children, who abuse or neglect them, or don't teach them how to function in this world. It's so sad that there's so many hurting people out there, many that stem from not having a good childhood or good, loving parents. Or some that are hurt because their parents were alcoholics, drug addicts, liars, adulterers or hypocrits.

Pastor Davis said to be a great Mother, you must have great character. He's right. That inspired me to become a better person and work on my character even more. My life will be transparent to Evan as he grows up. It will be hard to hide any character flaws, therefore I need to make sure I don't have any. I want him to be proud that I'm his Mom. I never want him to be embarrassed by my actions or character. I don't want Steve to be either. And I certainly don't want God to be. It made me think, "What type of Mother do I want to be? What are the things that I want to set as a precedent in our family?"

Sometimes it's easy to think, "I'm just a Mom. I just take care of my baby all day everyday." But I take this role very seriously. I read a lot about infant development, I play with him and help him learn, I expose him to new things, I continually pray for him, I even look up nursery rhymes and songs on the internet to sing to him because I can't remember any! :) So sometimes a thought will pop in my head like I'm not doing anything significant any more, but I know that's a lie because I'm doing something that matters for eternity...raising another person.