Monday, May 12, 2008

A Mother's Day to Remember

I woke up to a smiling little baby and an extra special card and necklace from him! Seems like he and Daddy did a little shopping while they let me sleep in Saturday morning. :) The card from Evan was so special and sweet...I totally boo-hoo'd over that. Then he got me a necklace with an "E" pendant on it. cute! I totally felt like Gwen Stefani rockin her "Kingston" shirt. hehe

Steve gave me the nicest Mother's Day card, all perfectly worded. And then he pulled out another Jared's box and I thought, "Uh oh! Jared's has suckered him again!" They better have him on their VIP list! :) He gave me another necklace that has 2 circles inside each other with 3 diamonds, one for each member of our family. I love it! It's so sentimental and personal. He made my first Mother's Day one to remember.

My mom and mother-n-law also gave me the sweetest cards, which meant so much. And I got all these sweet text messages from my was better than my birthday or Christmas! Thank you everyone for being so mindful of my first Mother's Day...all your sweet wishes really made me happy.