Thursday, February 28, 2008

I need a 5 year old

Briana (my niece) stayed the night with us last night. She is SOOOO sweet and perfect. Seriously, I don't know how my mean sister got such an angel. LOL (Just kidding Sissy, you know I love you!) She helped me so much with Evan. She would put his woo woo (pacifier) in his mouth if he dropped it, she was constant entertainment and she even set the table for dinner and got Evan's bath stuff ready for Steve. This morning she held him for me when he was screaming while I was desperately trying to get out the helpful! She's learning to read too and she's so good at it! I am seriously impressed.

Call me crazy but somehow it seemed easier with two kids. I guess it's because I couldn't focus ALL my attention on Evan. I had to share it with Briana. It made taking care of Evan easier because I didn't obsess over every single thing he did.

And everyone with 2 or more kids says..."Duh!" :)


Amandaology said...

Duh! LOL
The older ones always help. Stefani is such a big help w/ the Zach man and it only gets better. You really should have her over more often. Good for both of them!