Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Had a weird flashback today...I was ironing and for some reason I started thinking about those Generra Hypercolor shirts that were popular when I was little. Man those were my favorite! Anybody else remember them? Mandy, I know you do! Those and Reebok pump tennis shoes, Body Glove stuff, and buying sex wax because it smelled good! LOL Ahh...growing up in Florida. I don't know if those things were just popular in Florida, but I relate all of those to FL because that's where I was. Good memories. With the way fashion goes, I'm sure Hypercolor shirts will be the next hot thing!

BTW, before all of you think I'm crude, sex wax is for your surfboard. :)


Tattoomom said...

Yes I do remember! LOL
Actually Z-Man and Stef have new shirts that do that. There is a shop downtown that still sells them. Nail polish too! Man girl I miss you!
P.S. - Stef has sex wax for her board. LMAO!