Wednesday, May 7, 2008

4 months

Evster had to go to the doctor's yesterday to get more shots. Boo!! It's way harder on me than him. It about killed me when he cried. He doesn't cry. He's a fusser...not a crier. So when he cries, it's bad. But we got a great report...he's very healthy! 75% on weight and height, which explains why all his outfits are kinda short. He can easily wear 6 month clothes, but he doesn't have a thick mid-section, so they're a little big in that area. We're ready to begin baby food! I will introduce them VERY slowly, just because of the initial tummy problems he had. Andrea says to introduce veggies first...I think she's right. I'm going to introduce the yuckiest veggie first and then move on to things that taste better. :)

And he's found his feet now. This morning he was on the changing table and he grabbed his cute! That was the first time he did that. Sometimes I touch his toes to his cheek and he just laughs...he thinks that's so funny. Pretty soon he'll be doing that on his own. :)

He's such a good little baby. Everybody loves him and is always impressed with how good he is. He's sleeping great through the night and now naptimes too! I couldn't ask for a better baby. His smile makes me melt every single time.

And I've decided that if we have another baby (not that we're even close to thinking about that), I want another boy. When I was pregnant, several Mommies of boys told me, "Oh you're going to love having a boy. Just wait and see." Now I see what they were talking about.